Current Exhibition

Richard Smith:

Shaped Canvases 1966-1972


26 January - 31 March 2023


An exhibition of shaped canavses made by the British artist Richard Smith (1931-2016), an artist who defies easy categorisation. Known as one of the fathers of Pop art, in his Tate retrospective in 1975 he was described by critic Barbara Rose as ‘at once in and out of touch with the currents of the mainstream’.

The making of paintings has always been a subject in my work and with the shaping of the canvas this subject became more obvious and in some ways primary… The shape is an aspect of colour, the distortion of the canvas membrane alters the way the colour can be seen – also, the contour makes a varied absorbency, and therefore the canvas holds the colour in a specific way…
Richard Smith 1968
The exhibition is organised in conjunction with the launch of the new monograph, Richard Smith: Artworks 1954-2013 produced by The Estate of Francis Bacon and Thames & Hudson Publishing. With essays from David Alan Mellor, Chris Stephens and Alex Massouras, this new study is intended to reignite discourse around this diverse artist, whose impressive oeuvre is fertile territory for a new reassessment.



Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00
Selected Saturdays  11:00 - 17:00 (February 25 - March 25)
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Upcoming Exhibition

Frank Auerbach:

Twenty Self-Portraits 


19 April - 14 July 2023


Featuring nine paintings and eleven drawings that date from 2018 to the present day, Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert in collaboration with Frankie Rossi Art present the first ever exhibition of self-portraits by Frank Auerbach (b.1931) and the first presentation of new work by the artist since 2015.
‘I didn’t find actual formal components of my head all that interesting when I was younger, smoother and less frazzled. Now that I’ve got bags under my eyes, things are sagging and so on, there’s more material to work with.’ - Frank Auerbach
Primarily known for his landscapes of North London and portraits of a small circle of regular and dedicated sitters, the self-portraits are a notably rare aspect of the artist’s oeuvre. Prior to these recent works, Auerbach has only made two self-portrait drawings in 1958 and 1959, and one oil-over-charcoal on paper dated 1961-1965. It would be another 36 years before the artist drew himself again, and not until 2021 that Auerbach painted his first self-portrait on canvas.
Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday 11:00 - 17:00 
For further information about the exhibition, please contact the gallery here